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Month: November 2018

Digital Business Solutions | Hatching Dreams Into Reality

Employees will find a work around if your software is not optimized.

Are Your Employees Hackers?

Hollywood would have you believe that to be a hacker you have to be or at least have some experience with software programming. This is simply not true. Any person who uses a piece of software in a way that was not intended could be considered a hacker. The question then is why would someone…
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Troy Galloway, Manager

On the first day Troy’s family got access to the internet, he wanted to figure out how computer software worked. He started with Adobe Flash, creating animations and interactive elements. Later he got his first programming book on Perl to make websites that interacted with a server and community. Within a few years, he was…
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Jessica Galloway, Owner

As a “Jill” of many trades, I’ve dabbled in creative writing, copywriting, graphic design, photography, video animations & editing, website development, and even grant proposal writing. I earned my Associate of Arts degree in General Studies with an emphasis in Graphic Arts from Cowley College in Kansas in 2006. I returned to college in 2010,…
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