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Jessica Galloway, Owner

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Jessica Galloway, Owner, Cheep Development
Jessica Galloway, Owner, Cheep Development

As a “Jill” of many trades, I’ve dabbled in creative writing, copywriting, graphic design, photography, video animations & editing, website development, and even grant proposal writing. I earned my Associate of Arts degree in General Studies with an emphasis in Graphic Arts from Cowley College in Kansas in 2006. I returned to college in 2010, attending online through multiple universities until recently deciding on my major of Interdisciplinary Studies in Marketing and Sociology. Having earned my Bachelor of Science degree in March 2020, I’ve closed the “school” chapter of my life and am opening what I hope to be an exciting “career” chapter. As a former military wife and mother of an energetic 13-year-old daughter, running my own business speaks to me as the perfect opportunity to stay busy and do what I love; a little bit of everything! Visit my full portfolio at jmgalloway.com.