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Troy Galloway, Manager

Troy Galloway, Manager, Cheep Development

Troy Galloway, Manager, Cheep Development

On the first day Troy’s family got access to the internet, he wanted to figure out how computer software worked. He started with Adobe Flash, creating animations and interactive elements. Later he got his first programming book on Perl to make web sites that interacted with a server and community. Within a few years, he was working on Winfield High School’s website, updating content and refining the organization and appearance. During that time, he picked up the programming language PHP and dove into server-side programming for websites. He spent the next 5 years building and designing software and database systems for e-commerce solutions.  He then felt a higher calling and decided to enlist in the Air Force which allowed him to develop a wide range of leadership skills. During his time in the Air Force, he completed two bachelor’s degrees, one in Software Engineering and the other in Database Management. Troy is ready to put all of his expertise to work turning your next dream into reality.

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